Sunday, October 24, 2010


I apologize for the un-upkeep of this blog. This past month has been a strange one, indeed. Last time I posted, it was about my coworkers' plans for the upcoming school year (in March). I am here to update you that they are both staying for another year. Insane. I'm proud of them, though. They are doing something that I don't think I could do, and it makes me proud to know them. They are both excellent teachers, and I can't wait to hear all the new stories they will have after I am gone.

On that note, as you can tell, I do not plan on staying another year. If boss lady asked me tomorrow, I would say no and be completely comfortable in my decision. I am not entirely sure what I will do, though. There are many different things I'd like to get my feet wet in, so we'll see.
Anywhos, on October 7th, we had a field trip to a potato farm! We (aka the kids) got to dig up sweet potatoes. It was fun, and really nice being outside on a farm all day. We played with chickens and rabbits, I got to climb trees! It was a good, beautiful day!

Feinschule hard at work

One of my 4 yrs (aka 2/3 yrs) with his bag of potatoes!

Also, Katie and I are now in charge of a new class that comes in the afternoons. There are three little girls of kindergarten age (that is to say, 7) that come to me for Next Stop and Katie for LA. They are super smart. King and Robot class are both 7 years old, but these three girls are, like, woah smart compared to our kids... They are super duper cute, too, and love to talk, which helps make the 40 minutes go by a lot faster! :)

After getting the scooter fixed with a new battery, Nate and I were able to enjoy some awesome times with it until, lo' and behold, it pooped out... again. I've sort of decided that it's not even worth it anymore. Yes, I love it (OH SO MUCH!), but it's so much work in a place where none of the car or auto places within 10 minute walking distance of me can work on scooters and where there is a hardcore huge language barrier. So, that is that for that. Oh well.

This past Thursday was my birthday! I am not 23 years old! Insane. It was an excellent day, though. Some of the kids gave me presents and Jason and Katie bought a cake and sang happy birthday. That was nice. Then Katie, Jason, Carly, and I went out to Traveler's a couple stops up from us for dinner and drinks. It was awesome! They were holding a raffle for an orphanage, and I put some tickets in cos you could win American-people food! So I put tickets in literally thinking I won't win, but I did! TWICE! In one win, I won a bunch of blocks of cheese and some Wheat Thins (YUM) and in the other win, I won 8 boxes of Mac n Cheese (aka my fave) and some easy-make pasta! Exciting. And in the middle of the wins, we were playing darts and without even looking, I kept getting bulls eyes! In fact, in one round, I got three for three bulls eyes! Insane cos that never happens ever. Luckiest bday ever (other than the real day of birth)...

So yea. That's pretty much it. I'll leave you with these awesome videos I took of King Class and Robot Class being ballers. :) They are growing up so nicely.

King Class

Robot Class

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Real World?!?!

In September our boss lady asked Jason and Katie if they wanted to stay another year. Boss Lady gave them til November to decide. So, needless to say, they have both been thinking about what they want to do. Do they want to stay for another year, six months, go to another school, go to another country, go home, etc? There are so many options. Welp, today J said that he'd stay on for another year and K has definitely narrowed down her options and will be deciding by next week. Anywhos, with them thinking (intensely) about what they want to do for the next year, it has got me thinking, too.

*Deep breath*

Should I stay another year? I've already answered this and it's no. I like Korea, I do. But I just can't see myself here for a whole 'nother year. Especially not at this school. I mean, it's a great school, it is! And I love everyone I work with and stuff. But, honestly, teaching English and teaching tiny people just isn't for me. They touch too much and English is hard! I can't even speak it right. See?! Anywhos. I could go to another country, but like I said, teaching English is difficult. It really is. It's not as easy as it may seem. Grammar kicks my butt and, well, yea.

So, as most of you know, the rents are in Kuwait teaching math and economics (aka stuff they pretty much like to teach) and they have told me bunches about the people they work with. Welp, supposedly (I mean, not really supposedly, considering they do work with these people) they work with young couples, like some people a little older than me. These young people are teaching things they WANT to teach. They aren't teaching English because that's really the only thing they are qualified for, they are teaching math, social studies, gym, and they are counseling. They got their masters and went overseas to teach what they want to.

Moving on, I've started (briefly) looking into grad schools for teaching so I can get my masters and then from there where I want to teach. If I can get my masters in history or social studies, that will allow me to go anywhere I want to and teach what I want to teach which is way better than teaching English. Yes. Yes it is.

So yea. Real life/world is difficult. There are so many options. If any of you have any idea or comments, please tell me. It's greatly appreciated. I mean, I have lots of time, but time here seems to fly, so I figured I should start. Plus, since Katie and Jason have to make up their mind now, I now know I'd like to know what I'm doing after Feinschule, too. Oy.

Peace & love.