Wednesday, June 10, 2015

"Last Published July 27"

Been nearly a year, but oh well.

This school year has been a blast. My kids this year were awesome, as many of you know because we are friends on the book of faces. I went to two new countries this school year: Philippines and Portugal. And I made some new friends!

This summer, though. Man, it is going to be epic. Here is my itinerary for the summer, which includes 9 NEW countries, 11 in all!

June 11 - 13 Istanbul, Turkey
June 14 Sofia, Bulgaria*
June 15 Skopje, Macedonia*
June 17 - 19 Budva, Montenegro*
June 19 - 21 Dubrovnik, Croatia
June 22 - 25 Budapest, Hungary*
June 25 Vienna, Austria* and Bratislava, Slovakia*
June 25 - 27 Prague, Czech Republic*
June 27 - July 6 Ireland*
July 6 - 10 Iceland*
July 11 - August 5 USA
August 6 Back to Kuwait

Yes, I do know that it isn't a lot of time in each country, but I had to be in Ireland on the 27th, and we wanted to do a bit of Eastern Europe. I can always go back! It's like a brochure trip! If I see something I like, I'll visit again.

I'm super pumped. It should be a super duper summer. I will try to keep this as updated as possible!

Peace, love, & travel

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Facebook Challenge: CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

I was tagged in a Facebook challenge (just yesterday) to list 3 positive things about myself over a 5 day period.  I thought about it... and decided to just make a blog post about it because a) I haven't updated my blog in a bit, and b) I don't wanna clog up people's newsfeed with all things wonderful about me (coughcoughhahacough).

This was pretty tough (I see why they tell you to only post 3 things over 5 days), but I did it.  Yay!  I am digging all this self-love going around Facebook these days, I must add.

Yalla, here we go:

1. I have surrounded myself with good friends.  They share the same interests as me, for the most part.  And, most importantly, they inspire me to do more, to be more.

2. I am constantly wandering.  Many would not consider this a positive characteristic, deeming me incapable of knowing who I am or what I want.  I must completely disagree.  I see it as positive because it keeps me active, it keeps me growing and learning, and it helps me be one with myself and those around me.  If anything, it has helped me get to know myself better and what I want more.  So there, haterz.

3. I think I am pretty attuned to how others feel.  Maybe not always, but a good part of the time.  Meaning: I'm aware of others.

4. I'm genuine.  I am who I am.  Yes, we all have things underneath, but, for the most part, what you see is what you get.  I think people appreciate that.  I appreciate that.

5. I am pretty good at making others feel good about themselves or a situation they find themselves in.

6. This goes hand-in-hand with #5: I try to see the positive in situation.  Sometimes it takes me longer than other times, but I get there eventually.

7. I'm funny.  Or, at least, people tell me I am.  I don't try to be funny, though... At least it makes people happy!

8. I am comfortable and happy with who I am.  Sure, improvements could always be made, but I like me.  Nay, I love me.

9. I am fair.  I can see both sides of a story or situation.  I am a Libra, so I think that's why.  But, for example, if someone upsets me - yea, I'm angry at them, but I can usually see and understand their side.  Not always a good thing for me because then they, sometimes, think that because I understand, they "win" or they can walk over me.  Rude, guys.

10. I have recently learned to say, "no."  If it's something I don't want to do, or to feed off #9, I feel like I am being used, I can now say, "no."  YAY ME!

11. I am open to others' critical criticism.  As long as it's actually helpful to who I am as a human being, I'll take it.

12. I am always trying to better myself.  I want to be the best version of myself... which is why I take people's critical and HELPFUL criticism.  Help me help myself.

13. I like to think I'm a good teacher.  Maybe not the greatest, but good.  I try to get to know my babies and their families well.  I try to teach them how to be good people, good citizens of the world.  yea, they're 4 & 5 years old, but that's when it all starts.  I love being there for it.  My heart feels full.

14. I think I'm a pretty good member of my family.  I try to be there when I'm needed and I do my best to offer advice or love.  Of course, there is room for improvement, but no one is perfect.  We can all try.

15. I do my best... most of the time.  At least I'm aware of that!

Le sigh.  I wrote this in my journaljournal first.  Good thing, too, or else I'd still be sitting here trying to figure it all out.  This challenge has taught me that there are many wonderful things about myself.  Sometimes they are hard to find because we are so hard on ourselves.  It's okay to let up and take it easy.

Peace, love, & MORE LOVE!

Friday, July 11, 2014


So, summer is here!  Yay!  Started out in London with three-fourths of the family plus Christy and Bailey, then went to Wales (country #30!), and I am currently in Japan (country #31!) with the KatieDale!  YAY!

I didn't come to Japan with any expectations really, so I wasn't sure what to expect!  Ha.  Weird how that works, eh? 

Went to Hiroshima my first weekend here, then I solo'd to Osaka/Kyoto this week.  Tomorrow we go to Fuji!  Sunday and Monday will be dedicated to Tokyo, then I leave for a 27 hour layover in London before making my way back to the desert.

Anyways, here are some things I've observed/learned about Japan and its people:

  • cities are BIG
  • things IN the city are TINY (i.e. houses, people, cars)
  • they wear masks a lot, but sneeze without covering their mouths (ew)
  • there are A LOT of signs
  • there are 3 different types of writing
  • very few Japanese like to speak English (or know English?)
  • they are nice, but usually you have to approach them
  • it rains A LOT
  • it is VERY expensive, esp the transportation
  • the cities are super clean - no littering!
  • they LOVE mayo and queues (British much?)
  • EVERYONE carries a bag (purse, murse, compy bag, book bag... basically anything that is a bag)
  • restaurants give you wet wipes/wet towel before a meal.  awesome.
  • 7/11 has really GOOD food.  no, seriously.
  • Frozen is STILL in theaters!
  • they follow instructions to a 'T'
  • Japanese don't all look alike (like Koreans - I confused kids for awhile before I got them straight, here they all look different)
  • the women speak in VERY SUPER DUPER HIGH AND SQUEAKY tones.  Not real... methinks.
I think that is it.  I like Japan, but I don't love it.  I am glad that I've done so much during my stay here, as I do not believe I will be returning. 

I must say, though, that I miss Asia.

Peace, love, & Asialove

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Good Luck

I'm sitting here, in my empty classroom, as I have been doing for the past week and a half.  Everything has been packed up since last Wednesday.  The kids have been gone since last Sunday.  It is the last day of the school year and the school is empty.  Quiet.  Save for a few Arabic conversations that, per usual, are held loudly with exuberance and love at either end of the hall way. 

I have always loved the last day of the school year, especially when I was a student.  Being a teacher, it has its charms: travel, visiting, no work.  Being an international teacher, it is just sad a lot of the time because the end of the school year means that people are leaving and moving to new places or back home to try being Stateside again.  But, again, it has its charms.  The charms of being an international teacher is that you get to meet other, like-minded people.  People who love to travel and experience new places, cultures, peoples just as much as you do.  And when these people leave?  Yes, of course it is sad, but then you can say, "I know somebody in Hong Kong/Bali/Japan/LA/Hungary/Dubai!"  And, with the awesome work schedule, visiting said people is made easier.  Upon that reflection, then, is June really that sad?  Sure, it is, but it is also just another door (or ten) that has been opened, allowing you to go visit these lifelong, like-minded people that you have, inevitably, bonded with in a way people back home don't understand.

So, good luck to those of you leaving Kuwait and trying something new.  Until we meet again...

Peace, love, & charms

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

"Last published on August 1, 2013"

Whoa.  And whoops?

I am very good at letting things go by the wayside.  I mean, I have been a busy (for the most part) chickadee this year, but "Come on, Sofs!  Get yo life together already!"  (That's me talking to myself...)  I am very good at following my bestie's blog (here) and always think to myself, "Yea, I should probably write on mine." But I never do.  Honestly, shit happens.  Whatever.

So, anyways, it's the end of the school year here.  My room is all packed up, we have endless meetings about curriculum for next year and I am sitting here wondering what else is out there in the world besides teaching.  Don't get me wrong, I love teaching.  I have loved it.  I will probably always have a soft spot for it, but do I want to do this forever and ever?  Nopeski.  While the vacations are amazing and teaching overseas allows me the time and money to constantly travel, I do not see myself being in a school forever.  So, needless to say, I have been researching different options, and you know what?  There are SO many different jobs out there that let you stay overseas and travel a lot.  So cool.  I am currently researching many things, so if you have any new ideas or anything, please pass them my way!  I'd love to learn more about what else is out there!

Anyways, I think that's all I will write about today.  I really don't know what else to write about.  I don't think anyone even checks this thing anymore.  Maybe I'll do a recap of my year next post?  Maybe.

Peace, love, & summer

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Farm Life


Been back Stateside for a couple weeks and have a couple more to go!

KatieDale and her brother drove down from Indiana on a camping trip and I joined them on the way back up!  On the way to Indiana, we camped in Missouri and visited Meramac Caverns and the Gateway Arch!  It was really cool and chill.  The car rides didn't seem that long (and that's probably because I didn't drive...).  We finally arrived in Indiana on the Double D Ranch!

This was my first time ever being on a farm for more than a couple hours and it was so cool!  We threw knives and a tomahawk, we shot guns, I drove a tractor and moved bales of hay.  We made tutus and pillowcases and totes.  We laughed and had a dance party and ate biscuits and gravy.  Saw a mama cow about to give birth (but probably a miscarriage) and played a lot.  Double D Ranch was a blast.  I can't wait to go back again.  Hopefully next summer.

While I was up in Indiana, I also visited Veedersburg where a friend of my parents' lives in the summer (in not the summer she is also in Kuwait!).  I stayed with them for a night and I just felt so at home and comfortable there.

I feel so lucky and grateful for these experiences and can't wait for more.

Peace, love, & friends

Oops - here's what's been happening

Well, in the past three months things have happened and I have sucked at writing about them.  Sorry!

Here's a quick recount:

  • my KGs graduated
  • went to Oman
  • everyone left Kuwait and I stayed
  • I worked at Sylvan for a month
  • came back to America, now I have a little less than 3 weeks left
Stay tuned for my next post on AMERICAAAA!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Time Flies When You're Having Fun

Yesterday, I realized that four years ago [now] two days ago, I graduated from college.  Whoa.  That's crazy.  Today, the class of 2013 graduated.  Whoa. 

So, it got me thinking, "What have I accomplished since I graduated from Roanoke College???"  I, personally, don't feel like it's a lot, but I guess, to some people, it is.  Here's a little list:

  • graduated from a TEFL course
  • taught for a year in Korea
  • visited 10 new countries (if I counted correctly)
  • have lived in Korea and Kuwait - teaching!
  • started ITC
Yea, I think that's it.  Honestly, it doesn't seem like a lot, but I feel proud of myself because of where I am and how my life is.  I feel like I live a great life, a lucky life.

Peace, love, & to more accomplisments!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Less than SIX weeks left with my kiddos!  Time has definitely flown by. 

This summer, I'm going to (Insh'Allah) stay in Kuwait until mid-July participating in a summer camp, then fly back to OK for three weeks.  Yay for "set" plans!  (As set as they will get when it comes to me, anyhow...)

Peace, love, & 27 SCHOOL days!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


So, a lot has happened between this post and my last post.  On this post, though, I will just talk about my spring break!  I went to Egypt with my parents.  We went through a travel agency and it was super easy.  I barely had to pick up my own bag.  I'm okay with that, sometimes.  Egypt is so full of life and history, it was a great experience.  In light of recent events (and the 6th year anniversary of the Virginia Tech shootings, which hit a little too close to home), I can honestly say that I am a very grateful person for my life and all of my experiences, good and bad. 

I'm finished with the sap stuff.  On to the Egypt stuff!  We left Friday and came back on Friday. April 5th - April 12th.  Here we goooo!

Friday - fly to Cairo.  Had dinner with Daddy's friend.
Saturday - fly to Luxor.  Board the cruise ship. Horse and buggy ride.  Karnak and Luxor Temples.  Belly dance and whirling dervish show.
Sunday - Valley of the Kings, Valley of the Queens, Queen Hatshepsut Temple, Alabaster shop.
Monday - Horus Temple in Edfu.  Sobek and Haeroris Temple in Kom Ombo.
Tuesday - Aswan - High Dam, Temple of Philae, unfinished obelisk in quarry, papyrus shop, fly back to Cairo.
Wednesday - Sakkara, Carpet shop, Memphis, Pyramids, Sphinx, Fel fela (restaurant -- SUPER GOOD!)
Thursday - Egyptian Museum, Citadel/Muhammad Ali Mosque, Khan El Khalily bazaar, Koshary Tahrir near Tahrir Square, Arkan with Ahmed and wife
Friday - fly back to Kuwait

I forgot to mention that we did a Nile cruise from Luxor to Aswan.  I'm so happy we did that.  Not only were we chillin' on the Nile, but we got to see all the cool things on the Nile, too!

Peace, love, & life.