Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving - NK - Hiking

It's really too bad I can't come up with more creative titles for these posts, but then again, the posts aren't all that creative or exciting, so I guess it fits.

1. It's the end of November, guys. Tomorrow is the end of November, guys. I have one more teaching day of November, guys. I have been working for six months so far. That means I have six more months to go! The past six months have literally flown by pretty quickly. They've had their sluggish moments, but for the most part, they've flown. I've had so much fun so far! I hope the next six months prove to be just as exciting! Let's be honest, they are looking like they might be! Harry Potter comes out December 16th (I have a love-hate relationship with this day because Nate is leaving... weak); December 18th the padres arrive!; December 21st the seester arrives!; week off for Christmas/New Years; January SaraBrown comes back to Korea; February Taylor Swift concert with Anthony?!?; February Lunar New Years! Hopefully in a distant land...; March new school year starts! The end. That covers, like another three months right there! Craziness. Exciting. Lovely.
My contract should be up and over the end of May, which means I'll have about 2.5 weeks to travel wherever til I go to Italy to meet up with the famjam for a cruise in the Mediterranean! Awesome! After that, I'm hoping to have the opportunity to travel a bit in Europe before heading back to the States before I figure out my next big adventure! Yup!

2. We celebrated Thanksgiving the weekend before Thanksgiving because Jason went home for a week since he signed on for another year (he also had a wedding to attend to). J found a website that made Thanksgiving dinner for you, so we paid for it (about 100$) for a turkey, stuffing, veggies, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, and more(???) to feed about 10 people! Baller. Jason made some home made stuffing and I made eggplant bruschetta, yum!
Katie, Jason, Nate, Ian, Carly, Ben, Ben's gf, and I all dug in and enjoyed a delicious Thanksgiving meal! It was a great time! I did miss having Turkey Day at home, but this was pretty awesome. I even got to watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade on actual Thanksgiving! Yay! Here a photo from the day's events:

3. North Korea. Now, I know everyone has heard about this. Guys, I'm not too worried. Some people are freaking a bit, but so far, I'm not worried. Everything is fine here. Things are running normally, and the Koreans don't seem too flustered. But, all in all, I'm fine. I've been in worse situations (I feel).

4. Hiking! This past weekend I needed to get out of Ori, so Nate and I went up to Dobongsan (Dobong Mountain). We originally had planned on hiking Suraksan, but we wandered around til we found a mountain and the one we found was Dobong. It was awesome. Started off really swell (as usually) then it started to get a bit crazy. It felt like I was rock climbing as opposed to mountain climbing. There was one part where I had to hold on to a rope and hoist myself up. Craziness. It was freezing at the top, but gorgeous. I was scared, ha, weird. The peak was, like, 4 rocks piled on top of each other. Insanely amazing. The wind was rough, so I was holding on to the metal railing for dear life while Nate took pictures. It was a gorgeous view of Seoul, though!
We also saw the first snowfall in Korea on Saturday night! Cool. And it snowed Sunday night, too! Ahhhh. At least it was kind enough to wait til after Thanksgiving. :)Takin' a break. Near the top.

At the top!

At the top!

Recap: 6 months left in Korea, Thanksgiving was fun, NK is lame, Hiking mountains is fun.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Weak Sauce

Hola Amigos!

I apologize for the un-updation of this blog. (I know that's not a word, but I don't really care) Anywhos, in the past month or so, a couple things have gone down. Not a whole lot, that's for sure, but whatevs.

Anyways, Feinschule went on a field trip for Halloween! We went to this place called "American City" which was showing a Virginia old town city (not a real place). It was cool, though. They had a bunch of cool shops and stuff in there. Anywhos, for the field trip we all had to dress up, except for the Korean teachers... weak. So we went to this place and had a blast doing Halloween party stuff. The kids had fun and so did I (surprise, surprise).

Let's see, what else? Not a whole lot. I've been going to work on the weekdays, and chillin' out up north on the weekends. Relatively chill, some would say boring (coughcoughsometimesmecoughcough). But it's all good in the hood.

At the end of this month, I will have been here for six months. Half way through my contract! Craziness. I'm getting super antsy. I need change or I need something! Not entirely sure of what I need. I guess just to move, ya dig? So, I bought a long board. It's a skateboard, but longer... Duh. And it's mainly for cruising, not doing tricks and stuff. Anyways, I bought that today. KatieDale and I discovered a gym in our complex, so we're going to look into that and start going there (yay!). And the famjam comes in one month!! ONE MONTH! Yay! So, I'm currently "planning" what we're going to be doing while they are here. I suppose I will start figuring out points of interest for my travels after Korea, too.

But yea, that's pretty much it. Like I said, nothing exciting. This was more of a "hey, I'm still alive in Korea" update. So, there ya go. Peace.