Thursday, August 1, 2013

Farm Life


Been back Stateside for a couple weeks and have a couple more to go!

KatieDale and her brother drove down from Indiana on a camping trip and I joined them on the way back up!  On the way to Indiana, we camped in Missouri and visited Meramac Caverns and the Gateway Arch!  It was really cool and chill.  The car rides didn't seem that long (and that's probably because I didn't drive...).  We finally arrived in Indiana on the Double D Ranch!

This was my first time ever being on a farm for more than a couple hours and it was so cool!  We threw knives and a tomahawk, we shot guns, I drove a tractor and moved bales of hay.  We made tutus and pillowcases and totes.  We laughed and had a dance party and ate biscuits and gravy.  Saw a mama cow about to give birth (but probably a miscarriage) and played a lot.  Double D Ranch was a blast.  I can't wait to go back again.  Hopefully next summer.

While I was up in Indiana, I also visited Veedersburg where a friend of my parents' lives in the summer (in not the summer she is also in Kuwait!).  I stayed with them for a night and I just felt so at home and comfortable there.

I feel so lucky and grateful for these experiences and can't wait for more.

Peace, love, & friends

Oops - here's what's been happening

Well, in the past three months things have happened and I have sucked at writing about them.  Sorry!

Here's a quick recount:

  • my KGs graduated
  • went to Oman
  • everyone left Kuwait and I stayed
  • I worked at Sylvan for a month
  • came back to America, now I have a little less than 3 weeks left
Stay tuned for my next post on AMERICAAAA!