Thursday, March 22, 2012

I Make Myself Laugh...

... Like bent-doubled, gasping-for-breath laugh.

But that has nothing to do with this post, really.

So I'm in a new classroom for the rest of the year. I miss the kids from KG 1L, though. I mean, where I'm at now (still in KG 1) is cool, but not as noisy or full of laughter as KG 1L. There are still fun things that happen, though. For example:
  1. We were talking to the kids about the field trip to Green Island on Monday, one kid comes up to me and says, "Miss, I need to wear sunblop?" Yes, yes you do. Sun blop.
  2. While eating lunch, I started peeling my hard-boiled egg, and Faisal looks at me and says, "Well, well, well. What do we have here?" I laughed really hard. Never ever has a five year old said that to me. Priceless.
There are loads of other exciting things happening in my life as we speak. We had an Easter brunch today, super fun! I went and saw The Hunger Games twice already. The second time was 100x better than the first because I wasn't sitting next to annoying teenage Kuwaitis and I was in a recliner... In a theatre. Yep. And there is more exciting news, but that will just have to wait, now won't it?

In other news, I really miss this girl:

Hopefully I will be seeing her this summer and (MAYBE?!?!) next year. We shall seeeeee!

Peace, love, & chocolate!

Monday, March 19, 2012


I am reporting from the floor of my room, criss-crossed-apple-sauced. SShhh, you did want to know that, you just didn't know you wanted to know that until I reminded you.

This blog, I just now realized, is more for my entertainment than anything else.

Anyways, that's not what this post is supposed to be about. GUYS (aka: FUTURE SELF! cos, let's be honest, I'll be the one reading this the most) there is much to be excited about right now! Other than being almost half-way finished with a 1,000-word "reflection" (dumb) on my learning style (dumber)... You know what? Hold it right there. WHY? Why must I write a reflection on my learning style?? This just seems like a silly waste of time. Especially since I've spent the last week and half doing just this through PowerPoint and TWO group assignments. Ugh!

Moving along. I'm just gonna bullet-list this shiznit cos it's easier... and I really should finish this silly reflection.

  • SEESTER IS COMING TO KUWAIT! That's the most exciting piece of info in this. YAY! May 13th, my SEESTER will be here and she shall be wrapped in my squeeze-you-like-a-grape HUG!
  • I have an interview with a school in China this week
  • In about three months I will be back in the States and will be able to have the most epic of epic reunions with JAMES, JASON, KATIE, and maybe PETER!!! Guys. Guys! THIS IS SO EXCITING.

This is a very exciting post. I know there's only three legitimate things in here, but I was feeling like procrastinating, so I did that and was able to get way too excited about life. Hopefully I can finish this reflection ASAP! My reward will be to watch one of my Sunday night (in the States) shows.

Peace, love, & sillies.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Snow Day! Wait, uh, I mean Dust Day!!


Ahhh Sunday Funday. It marks the start of a new week here, in good ol' Kuwait. You wake up super early to get ready for school. Eat breakfast before 6:15 am. Board the bus to school at 6:25 am after other morning rituals. Hang out with momma and go over the kindergarten to set up for class. At least, that's what USUALLY happens in the morning time.

Today, however, was a bit different. Still woke up for school, but (silly me) woke up a whole hour early. Really weird slash not really okay. Made and ate some b-fast, got in the elevator to go downstairs to the bus. Not realizing how cold it was today, I decided to head back upstairs for my hoodie. I got on the elevator and pressed 7. The elevator started to climb then stopped on floor 3. I groaned to myself about silly elevators and how they stop at weird floors. The doors didn't open, though, and the elevator started to descend. I reached the ground floor and the button lights went off. I couldn't press anything. I started to freak out because I was realizing that I was stuck in the elevator. The elevator went back up to the third floor, stopped, then back to the ground floor, stopped, lights off, back up, and it did this maybe 3 times. After the first time, though, I pressed the alarm button. It did absolutely nothing except make a lot of noise. I held the button down while pounding on the metal door. Nothing. No one came for me. I reached the ground floor again and decided I'd try to open it myself. Thankfully, I did after a tid bit of a struggle (kisses biceps) and ran to the bus without a hoodie and my dust mask on.

So, I got on the bus and started to cry a bit because I was a bit in shock. We drove to school and everything has a layer of dust on it. I walk into my new classroom that I will be in for the rest of the year and we get a call saying school was cancelled! The Ministry called school off because of the obscene amount of dust in the air. So exciting! My first ever dust day. A lot of the teachers were upset and angry for not being told earlier because they traveled 30 minutes or so to get to school and saw a couple of accidents. I go over to the middle school and everyone is practically jumping up and down in excitement. So exciting!

This ended up being a crazy-long post. My apologies. I will conclude this post with pictures of my day. Not of me crying or being stuck in the 'vator, though. No way, Jose.

Saturday, March 17th. Looking out L & P's apartment.

Sunday, March 18th. Dust Mask, heyooo!

The stairs leading up to the elementary school.

Peace, love, & Dust Days.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy Things

Hey People.

Today was sort of a rough day, so I thought I'd take advantage of my feeling down and write some things that make me happy. Here we goooo!

  • Hugs - I was super fortunate enough to be a sandwich today between two of the most amazing people, Lindsay & Momma.
  • Working out!
  • Peter Pan
  • Sparkly things
  • Colouring! About to go print out some colouring sheets for the night.
  • Peanut butter & chocolate
  • Hugs
  • Nice e-mails and texts from nice people.
  • This story: Ms. Susie passed out bean bags with pictures on it representing the different letters of the alphabet. She called out "K!" in hopes of getting "K is for kite!" Buutttt, looking at his bean bag of an octopus, a child called out "K is for KOCTOPUS!" Laughs all around.Link
  • And other things that, if you're lucky enough to get to know me, you'll learn soon enough.

Smile :)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Smile! WOO!

As you all know, I've been hanging out in KG1 and will be for the rest of the year. As most of you know, I am loving it. I may come home exhausted from hanging out with 4/5 year olds all day, but I'm practically always happy. I wake up in a good mood (most of the time) and smile through the majority of the day. Here is a little looksy at what I experience all day:

- My hair has gotten really long and when I straighten it, some of the girls play with it and giggle or say nice things like "Pretty."

- One time I didn't straighten my hair and just put it up in a pony tail and, during morning routine one morning, one of the boys in the class said, "Miss! Your hair is CRAZYYYY!!!" I laugh.

- Sadan (a girl in class) got her hair cut and Barrak came up to me and told me about it. I answered by saying yea, I knew. Then he pointed out that I had not cut my hair. After I agreed with him I pointed out to him that he had not cut his hair either. He replied with, "No, but I cut your face!" Once again, I laugh.

- On days that we let the kids have a draw/colour table, some of them like to make books and ask me to staple it for them. As I was stapling one child's book, I ran out of staples and said, "Oops, no more staples!" Abdulwahab looked up at me with his huge, brown eyes and said, "Miss, you need more spengles?" Spengles. Priceless.

- This past week, I had recess duty and some of the kids like to play with me. Usually, we just throw a ball back and forth. Whenever they catch the ball, I let out a little laugh and say, "WOO!" A kid asked me one day this week, "Miss, why you say woo??" I just answered with a smile and shrug. Next time I caught the ball, he "Woo"-ed me!

- There is a little girl in our homeroom English class who is super quiet. She barely speaks a word. Lately, though, she has been smiling a lot and runs up to give me big hugs. I love it. I feel like she likes me and I'm making a difference in her life. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

- In relation to the previous notch, 4 and 5 year olds give the best hugs. When I first came into the classroom, there wasn't much of that going on, but I love hugs and I love hugging them. I guess they have finally realized that I like hugs and, every once in awhile, come up to give me a hug. Best.

All of these things make me so happy. Sometimes I wonder if I'm meant to stick around in kindergarten...

Peace, love, & KG1

Sunday, March 4, 2012



Been craycray busy, guys! Going to school everyday and playi- I meant teaching! little kindergarteners how to be awesome has me worn out, then I come home and have to do my classwork (yep! Started that ish!) and tutor.

Besides that, we spent the past weekend in BBS' high school gym watching the ISAC tourney for JV Basketball. It was awesome! So much fun. Pretty sure Daddy is losing his voice a tad bit, though. How unfortunate ;) Just kidding!

Anyways, that's really all that's going on. Oh wait! I have an interview next week for a position in pre-school for next year! Hopefully it will go well! Send positive thoughts, please!

That's it for real this time.

Peace, love, & coloring!

Liberation and National Day

Get ready for loads of pics from Liberation and National Day!