Thursday, April 14, 2011

Just Call Me "Indie"

"Indie" for "Indecisive"

Yes, folks, me... I couldn't even figure out what to update my blog about! And my nickname, given by Nate, pretty much sums up the past month (aka since my last update).

Anyways, I've been trying to figure out my next step after Korea. Yes, I have booked tickets to at least DC, but that's as far as I've mapped out my next quest. I had a job interview in Kuwait that was looking like it would be heading in the right direction, but due to my indecisiveness and my lack of knowing what I want to do right this minute, I decided to stop with the interview. It was for a nursery teacher position, which would mean doing this same thing I'm doing right now, again. I love babies, but not enough to "teach" them anything. So that was one decision I was able to make after much consideration and stress. Exciting.

My next indecisiveness came with "Well if I'm not going to teach in Kuwait, what am I gonna do?" Easy, I'm gonna go to Kuwait and live with my parents. Uh... what?! Live with my parents again!? *SWOOSH* Here comes Indie to the rescu- uhh, wait... nevermind. More stress. Why would I want to live with my parents again, other than it being a free place to be? The other reason is because if I stick my head out far enough and try, I might be able to find good tutoring gigs that will bring in some money flow without being on a (EEPS!) contract of any sort! Okay... Then I thought "Well, shit, man, I can't live with them and save up money forever! I need something else!"
I sat back and talked with Katie and the rentals and came to the conclusion that I want to teach. I do. I want to. However, I do not want to teach the English language, and I do not want to teach babies which is sort of (I say sort of because that's not necessarily true, but I really just do not want to teach anyone how to speak English... I'M horrible at it, why would someone want to learn how to speak from me?!) the only avenue I have with just my bachelor's. SO I think I'm going back to school, guys (think = pretty sure)! I want to teach and I want to travel and a really great way of being able to teach what I want, who I want, and where I want is being a certified teacher! :) Excellent.

our walk home from work

That being somewhat "down pat." I had to figure out summer plans, which are still in the process of being organized.

MOOOOOOOOOVING right along... I've gotten used to the kids in the past month (thank goodness, right). And I'd like to think they have gotten used to me and sort of being in a classroom. Since I see the same kids everyday, all day I try to break up the monotony of studying English for the babies, and we do fun things, too, but they are also learning to recognize when to be "serious" and when to have fun so it's a great time! That was a long sentence.
We had a field trip today to a Transportation Museum. It was relatively boring and uninformative for the babies, but we had a great time at lunch time and after lunch time! It was such a beautiful day, in fact there have been lots of beautiful days as of late, and so we played around outside. It was mostly havoc, but it was nice seeing the little kids being little kids and not being told to sit properly for five hours out of a day, ya know?

That's pretty much it, though. Here are some pictures to lessen the boring-ness of this post. :)

Jason super excited on the bus


Reppin' license plates from the States

After-thought: I guess it doesn't seem too indecisive, but trust me guys, this is an issue for me. Even trying to figure out if I'm going to go out to dinner with friends is a pain in the a$$. Oh yea, dollar signs. What?!

Peace, love, & Polo mints

Oh, and also, I have a month and a half left. Weird.