Wednesday, June 10, 2015

"Last Published July 27"

Been nearly a year, but oh well.

This school year has been a blast. My kids this year were awesome, as many of you know because we are friends on the book of faces. I went to two new countries this school year: Philippines and Portugal. And I made some new friends!

This summer, though. Man, it is going to be epic. Here is my itinerary for the summer, which includes 9 NEW countries, 11 in all!

June 11 - 13 Istanbul, Turkey
June 14 Sofia, Bulgaria*
June 15 Skopje, Macedonia*
June 17 - 19 Budva, Montenegro*
June 19 - 21 Dubrovnik, Croatia
June 22 - 25 Budapest, Hungary*
June 25 Vienna, Austria* and Bratislava, Slovakia*
June 25 - 27 Prague, Czech Republic*
June 27 - July 6 Ireland*
July 6 - 10 Iceland*
July 11 - August 5 USA
August 6 Back to Kuwait

Yes, I do know that it isn't a lot of time in each country, but I had to be in Ireland on the 27th, and we wanted to do a bit of Eastern Europe. I can always go back! It's like a brochure trip! If I see something I like, I'll visit again.

I'm super pumped. It should be a super duper summer. I will try to keep this as updated as possible!

Peace, love, & travel