Sunday, June 27, 2010

first time cooking real people food

my first attempt: beef, peas, potatoes, and green chilis. meat is a bit dry and could use more red pepper. but it's pretty baller for my first real cooking experience in south korea. oh hayyyy.

I'm in Asia, kids! Writing up a new post now!
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Thursday, June 17, 2010

South Korea Fifa World Cup 2010

WOO!! GO KOREA! 2nd game for Korea tonight! :D Yes, I'm wearing my Korea Legion shirt on the field trip. Awesome.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Kids

The kids here are super cute. Some of them are the sweetest kids ever, and some of them just have attitudes galore.... something you'd think I'd be used to after subbing full time in a middle school. But, I'm not. Awesome.

They pitch fits, get in verbal fights in their native tongue (aka I can't understand them), and start crying for, seemingly, no reason whatsoever. But, I mean, what else do you expect from kids aged 7 in Korea, but 5/6 internationally? Yea, I'll explain later, when I have a better understanding of it.

So, my "homeroom" so-to-speak is one of the two oldest classes here at Feinschule (fine-shoe-lay). We are called the KING class. Personally, I'd prefer "Princess," but I'll settle with King... The other 7 year old class is Katie's "homeroom" and they are called ROBOT. I also have "6" year olds, named ZEBRA and ELEPHANT classes. I am also in charge of story time for a "5" year old class called PUPPY. Thennnnn (deep breath) I have two classes on the first floor (aka preschool, aka too small to have any name). I think they're "4" years old... not entirely sure though. Anyways, I only have once a week, 20 minutes each. I just read and sing to them... a lot. Oh, and give out lots of high-fives (super popular).

So, the kids trickle into school from 9-9:45 ish. For the first fifty minutes (9-9:50) they read to me Monday through Thursday then copy the story. This is King class, by the way. On Fridays, I've had them practice their spelling words to prepare for their weekly spelling test. At 9:50, we have snack. That is supposed to end at 10, but really ends at like 10:05/10 because the kids are slow. Then they have classes from 10-10:40, 10:40-11:20, 11:20-12, 12-12:40, lunch, playtime/circle time, and class 1:40-2:10. At 2:10 they pack up and are dismissed at 2:20. A lot of them stay for afterschool activities/extra classes, though. A lot of work for such tiny people, yeah?!

On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I have afternoon classes with elementary kids 8-10 years old. They aren't too terrible, I mean, I like them. Then on Thursday, I have a speaking class with a girl from my homeroom, Cindy. She's a pistol. Seriously. TEENY person with a HUGE personality

So yep. That's the general schedule. The teachers move around from class to class and sometimes take the kids, too. It's a lot. But it keeps me busy so I don't have much down time, which is nice because it goes by really quickly. By the time we get off work at 5:30 and get home close to six, I am so worn out I hardly ever want to do anything! That kinda sucks. Last week, we went out a bunch of times, but this week has been super chill. No complaints there, though. Ha.

I'll do another update about Seoul once I go back up again and snap me some photos. But, believe me when I say, it's pretty. Ok ok, I'll write a bit about it here. As Katie and I were walking towards City Hall, which we think is just like a street sort of...a big street... there were really gorgeous mountains towards the right. As we stepped onto City Hall the middle of the giant street had statues and water spouts coming from the ground that kids were playing on. It was so pretty. I really can't wait to get pics. Ok that's all I've got for now. Sorryyyyy. :D

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

tid bit on SK

South Korea, eh? I'm here, guys. I got here on Wednesday evening, the 26th. Mr. Kang met me at the airport and loaded me onto the bus to Ori Station. The ride took about an hour, hour and a half. It was a nice ride; SK is pretty.

When I got to Ori Station, I was to wait for the Director to pick me up. Forty five minutes later two women pull up in a car and ask if I was Sophia. "Yes." "How long have you been waiting?" "Not long, maybe 10 minutes." Haha. Anyways, these ladies were not the director. The director had personal things to attend to and they were from another school. They took me to my hotel and checked me in and got me settled. They were super nice. I asked if the hotel had internet, turns out Love Hotels do not have internet, but they do have Korean porn on channel one. ...Sweet? So, I decided to set off in search of an internet cafe (pee ssee bahng). It took me about forty fiveminutes to find this cafe that was located around the corner from the hotel. Ha, sweet. After that, I went to bed because the director was to pick me up at 10 the next morning to take me to school.

So, the next day (Thursday) I spent the day at the school. It's super cute. Five stories high and tiny. When walking towards it, you are also walking towards apartment buildings and compared to the apartments, the school looks teeny and sort of out of place. My main class is on the fourth floor and then I will be switching rooms, as well as classes as the day continues. I followed my predecessor around all day. His name is Lachlan and he's been here for 15 months. He's from Australia and will be doing a bike trip from Korea to China, down through China and into Vietnam. Pretty sweet. Anyways. So, I wrote that like a week ago. Fast forward in time to June 9th. That's today. :)

This is, so far, my third week of being in the country. It's pretty sweet. I've been crazy busy. I've experienced Korean bbq, which is DELICIOUS. Korean beer, which ain't too bad, and Soju. I've experienced a bit of Seoul, which I absolutely love. It's gorgeous! I've been at school every weekday til 530, super busy with this schedule, but I love it! The kids are too cute. I will try to upload pictures as soon as I take some! It's been a whirlwind so far and I honestly can't believe it's been this long. The time has flown. People are so nice here! I've met a bunch of foreigners. It's crazy how big the foreigner community is, I really didn't expect it! One night, there was a big group of 20 or so white people walking through the streets to go to the bar. It was pretty entertaining. But yea. This was just a post to let you know I'm still alive. I've decided that I'm going to need to set a time every week or so to set down and write. So yea. Hopefully I can do that. I want to tell you all about my time spent in Seoul! It's gorgeous and I can't wait to go back up. I might go Saturday by myself! :) I love it, seriously. It's great. I feel so lucky.

Oh! I've got an appointment at the hospital on Saturday for my blood tests! Sweet. And I got a new phone. It's super fancy! I've never had a phone like this before! Touch screen and everything! WOWZAS. I feel SUPER DUPER lucky!!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Or should I say "An nyeung hah seh yo"? Probably that... Anyways, guys. I'm in SK! I've been here for a week today! :) I am currently writing up a post and will try try TRY to get it posted ASAP!!! I've been crazy busy so far (which I will tell you all about in the post). Miss and love!