Thursday, June 12, 2014

Good Luck

I'm sitting here, in my empty classroom, as I have been doing for the past week and a half.  Everything has been packed up since last Wednesday.  The kids have been gone since last Sunday.  It is the last day of the school year and the school is empty.  Quiet.  Save for a few Arabic conversations that, per usual, are held loudly with exuberance and love at either end of the hall way. 

I have always loved the last day of the school year, especially when I was a student.  Being a teacher, it has its charms: travel, visiting, no work.  Being an international teacher, it is just sad a lot of the time because the end of the school year means that people are leaving and moving to new places or back home to try being Stateside again.  But, again, it has its charms.  The charms of being an international teacher is that you get to meet other, like-minded people.  People who love to travel and experience new places, cultures, peoples just as much as you do.  And when these people leave?  Yes, of course it is sad, but then you can say, "I know somebody in Hong Kong/Bali/Japan/LA/Hungary/Dubai!"  And, with the awesome work schedule, visiting said people is made easier.  Upon that reflection, then, is June really that sad?  Sure, it is, but it is also just another door (or ten) that has been opened, allowing you to go visit these lifelong, like-minded people that you have, inevitably, bonded with in a way people back home don't understand.

So, good luck to those of you leaving Kuwait and trying something new.  Until we meet again...

Peace, love, & charms

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