Tuesday, April 16, 2013


So, a lot has happened between this post and my last post.  On this post, though, I will just talk about my spring break!  I went to Egypt with my parents.  We went through a travel agency and it was super easy.  I barely had to pick up my own bag.  I'm okay with that, sometimes.  Egypt is so full of life and history, it was a great experience.  In light of recent events (and the 6th year anniversary of the Virginia Tech shootings, which hit a little too close to home), I can honestly say that I am a very grateful person for my life and all of my experiences, good and bad. 

I'm finished with the sap stuff.  On to the Egypt stuff!  We left Friday and came back on Friday. April 5th - April 12th.  Here we goooo!

Friday - fly to Cairo.  Had dinner with Daddy's friend.
Saturday - fly to Luxor.  Board the cruise ship. Horse and buggy ride.  Karnak and Luxor Temples.  Belly dance and whirling dervish show.
Sunday - Valley of the Kings, Valley of the Queens, Queen Hatshepsut Temple, Alabaster shop.
Monday - Horus Temple in Edfu.  Sobek and Haeroris Temple in Kom Ombo.
Tuesday - Aswan - High Dam, Temple of Philae, unfinished obelisk in quarry, papyrus shop, fly back to Cairo.
Wednesday - Sakkara, Carpet shop, Memphis, Pyramids, Sphinx, Fel fela (restaurant -- SUPER GOOD!)
Thursday - Egyptian Museum, Citadel/Muhammad Ali Mosque, Khan El Khalily bazaar, Koshary Tahrir near Tahrir Square, Arkan with Ahmed and wife
Friday - fly back to Kuwait

I forgot to mention that we did a Nile cruise from Luxor to Aswan.  I'm so happy we did that.  Not only were we chillin' on the Nile, but we got to see all the cool things on the Nile, too!

Peace, love, & life.


  1. Amazing! Sounds like you saw all of Egypt. Good work.

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